Air travel delays amid continued winter storms

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – A glance out the window reminds me that we’re still in the middle of a winter storm.

Winter storms are having a nationwide impact, causing delays from roads to flights.

These delays were observed at Fargo Hector International Airport, where several flights across North Dakota and other states experienced weather delays. The starting points were scattered, but everyone who arrived showed the same appearance.

“Lots of coats and lots of snowsuits are lined up along the plane,” observed Mike McAllister after returning home from a delayed flight from Chicago.

“We ended up getting on the plane two hours late,” said Jake Mathison, who had just stepped off the plane from Minneapolis. “All this time I was flying in whiteout. All I saw was snow.”

“It seems a little crazy because you can’t see anything out the window,” said Johanna Ditus, who just arrived from Chicago. “Everything’s covered in snowflakes. There’s no snow on the ground in Chicago and the roads are very clear, but apparently there’s supposed to be a very big storm tomorrow, so there’s kind of a panic. I’m trying to change my flight booking.”

Others bow down and pray for a safe return to their families.

“I miss my son,” said Marilyn Linsalata, who will soon be boarding for Nashville. “I haven’t seen him in a while. If I don’t get a chance to see him now, maybe I won’t see him until the fall. It might be a little sad, but I get it.”

And some are excited to participate in these elements.

“When we come to the Midwest, we turn off the traction control,” McAllister said. “I enjoy skating.”

But the determination of these travelers reiterates the vacation’s main goal of being with loved ones.

“I hope everyone gets home safely and can spend the holidays with their families,” Ditas said.

“Christmas starts when we get back to Fargo,” laughs McAllister.

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