Pure Flour from Europe to Feature Italy’s Best at Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas

Export Initiative Highlights Premium Organic Soft Wheat and Semolina at Booth 2267

Rome, December 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From panettone to orecchiette to organic flour and durum wheat semolina Europe It lags behind the finest in baked goods, bread, pasta and pizza. EU initiative “Pure Flour from Europe: your Organic and Sustainable Choice!” Booth #2267 at the winter fancy food show Las Vegas next month January 15-17, 2023, Las Vegas convention center.

Knead Pure European Wheat Flour – Organic Wheat Flour

Italian Organic flour is made from grains grown according to strict pesticide-free standards and nourished by the earth and the sky.

ITALMOPA, the Italian Millers Association, is leading this effort in collaboration with the European Commission.Flour and semolina companies around the world Italy include Molino Casillo, Molino de Vita Molino Grassi presents organic products to buyers from restaurants, retailers and manufacturers at the specialty food fair.

We offer organic soft flour, the bakery favorite for delicate cakes, breads and pizzas, and organic durum wheat semolina, perfect for pasta.

Europe ITALMOPA has a proud tradition of strict laws protecting the quality of its produce and milling expertise producing superior certified organic flours that meet most culinary needs,” said ITALMOPA President. Andrea Valente“Our organic flour and semolina are made with only high-quality grains grown according to strict pesticide-free standards and nourished by the earth and the sky.Quality and sustainability have always been our It was central to the efforts of the members.”


Founded in 1958 and based in RomeITALMOPA is the European Union’s most important industrial flour association, representing 82 flour milling companies across Europe. ItalyMember companies mill soft and durum wheat for the production of pasta, bread, pastries, pizza and more. ITALMOPA oversees his three-year information and promotional program on agricultural products calledpure wheat flour from Europe: organic and sustainable choices!” – acronym “POS EU FLOUR” – for US and Canadian markets, co-funded by the European Commission. The program will run until his 2024.

Photo: For organic flour product images and program logos, visit click here. Photo credit to ITALMOPA.

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Sauce ITALMOPA – pure wheat flour Europe

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